Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Where Do Our Apps Fall?

We are exploring so many apps in our classes.  Check out this app. I know what you are thinking...another virtual tour.  Well, you have never taken a virtual tour like this.

Using this app, students took a tour of Napolean's former residence. The pictures are crystal clear.  They aimed the ipad at the classroom ceiling and they saw Napoleon's ceiling.  You must try it for yourself. It is very Twilight Zone!

After discussion with a fellow teacher, I beleive that this app falls between Augmentation and Modification.
In the past, we would have viewed this residence in books,videos,or even slides.

In terms of the programs that we use in school...
I use ,"I can learn" everyday.

It may be Substitution/Augmentation.  However,it is powered by the pace of each student. 

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