Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hey there, No Pressure

"How will we prepare our students for jobs that don't exist?".

I have heard this question quite a few times...and every time...I get really nervous.
That question really makes you want to re-evalute things.  It becomes obvious which lessons have real purpose. 

 As it turns out, I am doing better than I thought! 
This week, my Spanish students learned about the Aztec writing system #GlobalAwareness. 
I challenged my students to create a story...using only pictures.
We did an example on the board.  I drew, and I allowed the students to contribute ideas.
The story was about me...
One of my classes made me slip into a portal that took me to another world.

After our group example, the students had to work with one another to create their own works #CommunicationAndCollaboration.

Finally the students shared on the Elmo #TechSkills.

The students found that it was quite the challenge to create something in a different way #CriticalThinking. They did really well with sharing ideas and trying to compromise #Collab.

My favorite parts are when I am able to observe and facilitate compromise. I also love seeing them support one another after sharing. (Of course...the actual product.)

To improve: Students could use this as a draft.  They could use an app that would allow them to draw, speak and share.

In general: I think I need to think about every lesson in terms on 21st century learning.

Again...no pressure!

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