Saturday, January 21, 2012

Houston,We Have a Problem

If there are two things that keep me from using technology,they include...

A. The fact that I have to set it all up,while the students are there. I don 't have a classroom.
B. Things will go wrong while I am teaching. I will have to become Ms.ComputerFix...while they give in to talking. (Not a distraction,at all.)

Last week, I wanted to introduce a country using something I found online. I thought it would be better than a worksheet.

Facts: That class has 26 students.
I have to re-arrange seats,set out materials and write Br/Eq on the board before they can come in.
 The computer...cords...outlets...log On.
 Sometimes,the teacher stays...his head would be in the path of a projector light.(this day,it was) This would raise the question of where to put the cart.

What happened.... I found two students to help with tech set up,while I did something else. My back up plan was to have the students engaged in an activity,while I set up. I was proud of myself,until the videos kept freezing.
I clicked refresh,it played...then it stopped. I clicked refresh,it played...then it stopped. I did a song and dance as if I had planned it that way.

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