Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flipped Classroom and Social Media in Schools

This week I learned about a concept called,"The Flipped Classroom". I thought it was a creative method for meeting our learners where they are...literally. In addition,I thought the concept might facilitate a better use of classroom time. Students could have more time practicing concepts, under the guidance of the teacher. The "direct instruction" part of my job, takes up more time than I would like. I prefer the days when my students are in small groups, engaged and in charge. When my job is to facilitate, I have time to  connect and clarify I think using this method might provide more time for that.
A Case For Social Media
  My son is four. When he has skills to obtain or to master,learning is fueled by his interest.

For example, his love of cars helped teach his colors,sorting and counting.

Had I used a worksheet or flash cards, I don't think he would have caught on so quickly.
Below,we have connected technology and writing development.

                                      I Met Him Halfway.
  In an effort to be reach to our students, we must meet them halfway.
Where are our students?  Facebook,Twitter...
Out of my comfort Zone...
  For the past year, I have enjoyed sharing my ideas with other educators. Likewise, I have have been overwhelmed by the knowledge that I have taken from other teachers. 
Teachers from all around the world can share advice and experiences.It is an amazing thing.
Ways to use Social Media in the Classroom:
1. Students and parents can ask homework questions.
2. Teachers can post the word of the day.
3. Homework can be posted.
4. Teachers could post the agenda for the day.
5. Teachers could post a vocabulary list.
6. Instead of "Notes Home", teachers could use a direct message instead. (Private)
7. Word of the Day.
8. Inform the absent student.
9. Social media might be a way for students to work on a group project.
10.Teachers could use media for enrichment sites.

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  1. All valid, worthwhile reasons for the use of social media in schools. As soon as states embrace social media instead of banning it like an infectious disease, the student interactions will increase.